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The previously mentioned sonical features did not change during a long term listening either. Reference rear panel with the signature blue chassis which is now iconic for Plinius. Not sexually, of course, but in the way we promiscuously go through equipment. ID6900 Plinius SA Reference Very Rare 35100 details specifications. Even looking at pics of the internals show how superior the Plinius is. Nanaimo who is a Mono Extreme owner also. Any thoughts and inputs will be appreciated. Fixed Frame TV Cinema Entertainment. Another common aspect in the entire production of the New Zealander brand is the extreme refinement of the sound texture, absolutely without any grain and definitely neutral. After switching the amp to the Class A mode the sound was slightly improved and naturalized, but not quite to the level achieved during the first session. It cannot be affected by the output load it is connected to because it has zero output impedance. Plinius also wanted to use the same buttons as you find on the amp itself, all of which makes for a handset you are not going to lose in a hurry. Klaus will receive notifications of the hotter still holds their sound, lenses and buy the plinius sa reference was apparent from a sexually, select group of. It was satisfying indeed. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies. PLINIUS has identified these products and are listed below.

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This shortens the time to thermal stabilization and dramatically cuts power consumption. The customized acrylic stand and the loudspeakers are not part of this listing. The Fast And The Furious movie franchise, who only goes for American muscle cars. After a few listening sessions I started playing with its features. Bro, the disclaimer is from Plinius factory. By using our site, you consent to cookies. This topic is now closed to further replies. What do you think about it? The bass was dry, dynamic and accurate, missing only a bit weight and tonality, especially when the most demanding music samples were used. PLINIUS regrets that it is necessary to take these preventive measures in order to protect the interest of PLINIUS dealers and loyal customers and to reinforce its High End brand reputation. One the other hand, the strong points are numerous. Personally, I find that bass fullness is essential to natural musicality, and that a recording loses its natural feel if the bass is dry, even if the midrange retains its warmth. Come discover the full range of Simaudio products. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! But the obvious difference was bass and vocals.

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Is it possible to get a photo of the pcb while the amp is apart for the binding post repair. The Plinius pushed my Vimbergs to their full potential of bass reproduction. TEKTON has overcome the delivery time lag that was a big problem a while ago? At once the sound was very transparent and clear, although a bit rough. Bought this from Garfield a year ago. You are using an out of date browser. They sold the bad products themselves issit? At PLINIUS, we are committed to excellence in every aspect of our business including but not limited to experience faultless service and complete satisfaction from initial contact through to delivery and beyond. The man has never tried to sell me anything, just asked questions and offered opinions and options. It will also lead to eternal arguments among audiophiles sometimes so passionate that to an outsider watching it, it is totally absurd. The percentage shows how the lowest price has changed last week, not the change in a specific shop. Klaus will convert your stereo Stratos to monoblock for no charge beyond shipping to and fro if you want to go that way later and buy the matching amp, which is what I am doing. Plinius has taught me otherwise. Email has been sent to your buyer to request Feedback. If the price is right, I recommend you buy them.

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The fact that Klaus stands behind his product better than all the other company big or small. Its Kiwi designers gifted it with a smoothly swooping if properly substantial fascia. EASILY EASILY EASILY tell that the woman is on the left and the man is on the right! Yes, I did hear them briefly last week and they were truly amazing. Any quick glance at my equipment list with its valve amps shows it. We compare thousands of products and prices. Your email address will not be published. Prices are subject to change without notice. Density Acrylic Chassis and Platter Floating Motor Mount Construction Asynchronous AC Motor Belt Drive System with Endless Silicon Belt. The sound had a slightly burnished quality that painted notes more vividly than do most other amplifiers. Supposedly at least the weight of the bass, dynamics and overall clarity will be still improved, as in monoblock cases are used to happen. By Filling out any of queries, forms or requests through our website you are notified that you are giving us permission to update you with our newsletters. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Special Promotion For Latest Panasonic Home Theate. Putting that aside, they prefer Bryston and compare it to Krell. Olympic deadlifters to move the amp into place.

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High, both in big excursions and in micro contrast; instruments lively and contrasted. Back edge dropped and caught the edge of the shelf with the binding post bending it upwards. I went so far as to call my old Plinius SA-Reference the best bass amp of all time. Much less known are the products made by their partners at Dynavector New Zealand. The Fraim comes in three sizes to accommodate varying sizes of equipment. The Best High End Audio Forum on the planet! The Premium Wireless Speakers Your. Pick a color and give Klaus a call. Thank you for enabling push notifications! Tonal richness was good, but if we look at the full harmonic complexity and the weight of the bass, there still were slight lacks. Ref is another make active user experience sound like neither party is perceptible since this amplifier: three blind mice sampler is as much musical characteristic from plinius reference. We ran into some problems. This year, I thought I would beat Woolies, Pick and Pay, Checkers and SPAR to the start of the Easter celebrations. If you are near Ohio any time come by for a listen. Used Plinius Sa Reference for sale on 300 second hand hifi sites shops Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. Get inspiration in your holiday preparations. Anyone have any idea as to how much these things are going for?

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Hifi search on plinius sa reference price has been producing equally innovative preamps. Acoustic basses had the radiance the instrument possesses when heard in person. Certainly neutral, just notched by a venial bright note on the mid high range. Please help me in this regard, maybe weighing up some specs of the above. Class A sound with guts and a fandom that stretches across the globe. Plinius is a mighty fine used acquisition. Plinius Hiato Integrated Amplifier. No such amplifier exists of course. SA References in any mode. This pairing does a fabulous job revealing the nuances and grit in his voice, while delivering the full energy of his performance. Christmas gift ideas, you can spend less money on shopping and have more time with friends and family. These units are at the top of the Plinius range, sitting right under the SA Reference amplifier. On recordings with delicate high hat and cymbal play, the halo of air surrounding the shimmer is also more moist when heard via the Pass Lab Alephs. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Designed to work as either a monoblock, or a stereo amplifier. Does the bent binding post effect the function at all?

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Kiwis are all gorillas or that it acts as a heat sink to cool down your hands in the summer. The Hiato is a beast of an amplifier; I have not reviewed a larger integrated in recent times. Good mids is very important as I listen to lot of Jazz, classic rock, blues etc. Two SA References as monoblocks will drive them with power to spare. Moving large heavy amps is much easier if you can get a good grip. Design Shore Technologies NZ Limited. Finance payment plans at this time. Time Audiophile and The Occasional Magazine. Yes, it will probably perform great on the test bench. REMOTE TRIGGER INPUTWhen connected to a preamplifier trigger output, the amplifier will switch out of Mute and into Class A Mode ready for use when the preamplifier is taken out of standby. Still it would be interesting to know in theory what would have to change if the same AB amp should get even higher A bias. Getting to the bottom of things, the bass is nimble, but still full and powerful with excellent woofer control. To conclude, let me add that even my wife and my parents who are not audiophiles noticed immediately the difference with the other amps I have tried in my system. You cannot paste images directly. Jaco Pastorius plucked and grooved when playing fusion. Reference Side heastsink assembly being fitted.

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Rotel as they are pretty popular and well received among a number of audiophiles I know. If it did, it would make bad loudspeakers, bad source equipment, and bad recordings sound bad. In audiophile wonderland the yellow brick road when seen as a whole is a circle. Four independent channels; Audio in, Line in and two inputs for microphones. Twinned pairs of WBT speaker terminals support convenient biwiring. Nevertheless, the competition is stiff. Reference was taken into my listening room. Ref was totally neutral, natural and cozy. It will create no linear or non linear distortions and its noise output will be far below the threshold of hearing when connected to even the most sensitive loudspeakers. He is a great guy to talk audio with and will definitely steer you in the right direction whether it is Odyssey Audio equipment or not. Klaus is a great guy and offers a money back guarantee. Ref stack up to some of its similarily priced competitors? Not from the local dealer. Audio and MIDI library for. This email address is already associated with an account. Thanks for the reply Jimmy, interesting read.


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